Friday Points Game

                                           Friday July 19, Nick with 5 tee times starting 10:50                                                          

 To be assured a spot in that week's Friday Points Game, you must sign up by Tuesday 7:30 AM.  You can sign up after Tuesday and be included as needed to fill the field for foursome play.

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        Players Points Quotas

This golf game uses a modified Stableford format.   But there are important differences.


1)    Before 7:30 am Tuesday of any week, you must sign up to play on that Friday using the link 'Signup' as shown above.  This is called the player pool.

2)    Players in the pool will be randomly assigned to a team, coordinated by the pro shop, before play begins.  The number of teams is a function of the number of players in the pool ordered by sign up time and constrained by the number of reserved tee times. 

3)    The entry fee is $15 / player when a foursome and $20 / player when playing as a threesome.

4)    Each foursome plays as a Team against the other teams.

5)    Each player is awarded points based on his gross score for each hole as follows:

a.     Double-bogey or higher:  0 points

b.     Bogey: 1 point

c.      Par: 2 points

d.     Birdie: 4 points

e.     Eagle: 8 points

f.    Albatross:  16 points

6)    Each Team adds up its player points for the 1st six holes, holes 1 thru 6, (1st contest), the 2nd six holes, holes 7 thru 12 (2nd contest), and finally the 3rd six holes, holes 13 thru 18 (3rd contest). 

7)    Each player will be assigned a point goal (or quota) for the 18 holes.  The point goals for the players in the threesome or foursome are totaled and the sum is divided by 3 (this is done before play begins).  That result is the point goal for the team for each of the three six-hole sets. 


Example:  assume each of four players has a point goal of 15 (4 x 15 = 60/3 = 20).  In this example the team has a goal of 20 points for each six-hole set.  As in the example above, when the division comes out even, all three point goals will be equal.  However, when the division results in a remainder of 1, it is added to the last 6-hole point goal; a remainder of 2 is assigned (added) as follows:  one is added to the 2nd 6-hole point goal and one is added to the 3rd 6-hole point goal. 


Finally, if the team exceeds the six-hole point goal, then the team has a plus number or a minus number if the team did not meet its goal.  Remember, if your team played poorly on the first six-hole set, your team can still win in the 2nd and or 3rd contest.

8)  The first time you play, your assigned point quota is based on your handicap.  Thereafter, handicaps are no longer used!    Your point total assigned will be based on past performance. (See next Paragraph). 

9)    Point Quotas / Goals for Future Events:  Any player that exceeds the assigned 18-hole point quota by 4 points or more will have 2 points added to his most recent goal the next time he plays.  If he exceeds by 3 points one point is added.  A point difference within the range of 0-2 will not change the player’s point goal.  Conversely, when a player misses his goal by four or more points, he will be assigned a goal two points less the next time he plays.  If the player misses the goal by three points, the deduction is one point the next time he plays.  You will be able to see your point goal (or quota) on the web site when you sign up to play (Players Points Quotas).  Point goals will be updated weekly.

10)     There is no limit on handicap!  Scratch players as well as high handicap players are equally welcome and are equally competitive.  A player may use any tee box.  But once declared, with some exceptions, you must use the same tee in all future Points Game events.

Common Sense Rules:

1)    Pick up your ball if you cannot make bogey.  Double bogey or higher earns no points.   (If you pick up, record your most likely score for handicap purposes).

2)    If you’re putting for 1 or more points, you must putt out unless your shoe cannot fit into the space between your ball and the cup.  (That’s typically less than 12 inches).

3)    Select a captain for each group.  The captain will be responsible for scoring and will report on two things:  1) The team points earned for each 6-hole set (a number plus or minus measured against the goal), and 2) The number of points over or under the 18-hole assigned quota for each player in his group.